AI collaboration apps for seamless multi-channel customer service.

Your customers hate to repeat themselves, hate to wait on hold, or just outright hate using the phone in the first place. Yet the most expensive cost factor in your contact centre is people...

Smart Agent Ai Collaboration
Smart Agent Ai Collaboration


SmartAgent client

Keep your agents in one fully integrated app with intelligent call routing, unlimited capacity, machine learning and full stack analytics.

  • A single app for voice and chat - no more switching between systems
  • Workforce flexibility, allowing agents to take chats and calls anywhere they have an internet connection - no fixed phone lines required
  • Presents agents with rich customer data allowing agents to handle contacts quickly and efficiently
  • Real time stats and historical reports keep managers in the loop on agent performance
Smart Agent Client


Cloud-based voice technology

Our UK built, infinitely scalable cloud voice technology delivers contact centre reliability, dynamic routing and seamless operator hand-off.

  • Unlimited call capacity infrastructure means you never drop a call
  • Smart menu fully dynamic IVR incorporating SmartAgent bot technology quickly directs your customer calls to where they need to go
  • SmartAgent client gives your agents all the data they need to handle calls effectively
Cloud Based Voice Technology


Conversational commerce

Combine chatbots, AI and machine-selling to deliver impressive and efficient multi-channel commerce.

  • Support for web, apps, and social channels including Facebook, Instagram and Slack allow your customers to contact you from anywhere
  • BotShield™ deflects simple queries keeping your agents free to handle more complex contacts
  • Hands off to human agents with all the data they need to be effective
  • SalesBot maximises social selling with seamless handoff between Facebook ads and Messenger SalesBot
Conversational Commerce


Redefining contact

Smart, industry-leading Chatbot capability transforms the way you handle contacts, reducing waiting time and driving up agent productivity.


  • BotShield™ Customer service bot handles simple queries like requests for tracking information and returns queries so your agents don’t have to


  • Replace traditional IVR menus, directing the contact to the people best placed to handle it
  • Uses customer data to intelligently detect likely reasons for a contact and allows customers to shortcut lengthy menus


  • Bot gathers the required customer information so agents have the details they need to help a customer before the contact comes through
  • Bot performs DPA checks to save agents time


  • Bot proactively keeps customers up to date on order progress via SMS, facebook and other channels, reducing unnecessary contacts


  • Bot can contact customers with customised offers and purchase suggestions
  • Contacts can become a positive experience for customers and a new channel for sales
Redefining Contact


Instant Multi-Channel Service


Why SmartAgent?

Train once, scale infinitely

Recruitment and training within retail becomes a thing of the past, once SmartAgent is setup it knows what is expected and does its job infinitely.

Never goes to sleep

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Smart Agent just works for you whenever your customers want support.

Works alongside humans

Whilst SmartAgent can do many things faster than a skilled human, it is not trying to replace them. SmartAgent works with humans to automate the simple stuff.

Fast to implement

Can typically be implemented within a matter of weeks. SmartAgent works with existing data sources to accelerate set-up and streamline communications.

Every channel

Serve customers where you want, via phone, web, chat, email, apps or social media. Give a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

Queue buster

Queues frustrate customers. Avoid poor experience and answer enquiries quickly every time.

Integrates with anything

Whether it's your backoffice, ERP, warehouse management, CRM, delivery and courier information - SmartAgent can work with anything to give your customers the answers they need.

Guaranteed Savings

SmartAgent works on a cost per enquiry basis and therefore is guaranteed to save you money versus the normal means of serving customer queries.

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